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I tried to go sugar free meaning no fruits no sugar and no sugar substitutes, while my body fat percentage did decrease my mood was HORRIBLE I was fatigued, I was an emotional wreck and my deserts sucked! While it still needs to be limited I realised I needed sugar as part of healthy lifestyle. I have chosen natural sweeteners like fruit and raw honey. To me raw honey was the best option as it at least contains vitamins and minerals, including zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-6, folate, niacin, riboflavin and panthothenic acid.

Although the zero calorie sugar free substitutes seem tempting to use there were just too many health risks associated with them even though they are regarded by the FDA as “safe” to me they are poison. Apart from their health risks they also trick our bodies, we are just not designed to handle calorie and sugar free sweeteners, if you consume a calorie sugar free substitute be it natural or artificial your taste buds tell your brain that you are consuming something sweet therefore your body assumes it’s receiving sugar. Glucose is than cleared from the bloodstream and your blood sugar drops but as no real sugar (glucose) is provided your body has to compensate. When this happens, adrenaline and cortisol surge in order to mobilize sugar from other sources such as body tissue, muscle glycogen and liver in order to bring blood glucose back up.

One of the reasons people turn to sugar free options is weight management, but you may actually gain fat by consuming sugar free products. A pleasure chemical dopamine is released in the brain when sugar is consumed but sugar free sweeteners do not cause the same reaction, therefore leaving your craving unsatisfied and increases your want to binge later on, and due to these substitutes being so sweet you are less likely to enjoy healthier options like fruit. Below is a nutritional label for 21 grams of honey.

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