Chocolate Lava Mug Muffin



Serves 1

Preparation time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 1 – 2 minutes


For muffin:

2 egg whites

1 TBSP cacao powder

2 TBSP coconut flour

1 TSP raw honey

½ TSP baking powder

Dash of water

For topping:

1 TBSP extra virgin coconut oil

1 TBSP cacao powder

1 TSP raw honey

See my homemade strawberry jam recipe for the strawberry topping

1 TSP chopped peanuts


Get a microwavable mug, add the dry ingredients first and mash them up with a fork or spoon to ensure there are no clumps. Add the wet ingredients and mix well.


Microwave for 1 – 2 minutes.


Mix the cacao powder, coconut oil and honey together to create the chocolate.

Cover with the chocolate, strawberry jam and peanuts.

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